The Forum and New Registrations

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The Forum and New Registrations

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First of all, sorry for being away from the forum for so long.

Up until recently I have been doing most of both the admin and the programming side of VRS, with the exception of route batches which - thank goodness! - have been taken over by someone who is a lot more diligent at keeping on top of them than I ever was. I came to realise last week that this situation was becoming unsustainable and that I needed to ask for some help.

To that end Extranet (Extranet_UK on Reddit) has very kindly agreed to take on moderator duties for both the forum and the subreddit, to my great relief.

Forum registrations... until a few months ago the Stop Forum Spam plugin did a good job of keeping spam registrations to a minimum, but towards the end of last year the spammers appeared to have figured out how to defeat it and the number of spam registrations (and corresponding spam posts) went nuts. At the time I couldn't keep up so I ended up just switching registrations off and then manually activating accounts when people emailed me (usually). The situation has still not improved and the intention is to keep self-registrations switched off.

It would be nice if questions could be asked via the subreddit please (, ideally after first skimming the FAQ to see if they've already been answered). Reddit's anti-spam tools are not perfect but they are better than phpBB's and the chances are I will notice questions on Reddit sooner than I would notice them on the forum.

However, if you do want to register on the forum then please get in touch with either Extranet or myself, quoting the username you registered under, and the registration can then be activated.
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