Enabling OpenAIP layers

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Enabling OpenAIP layers

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I wanted to add a weather overlay and found references to nitro999's work here on the forum but the link to the Github project is dead and it looks like he has removed/deleted it. I did a search on GitHub and found a project by WiganPI which seems to do the same thing. I quickly got the weather overlays working using this code/instructions.

I saw the OpenAIP related layers (e.g. navaids and airports) but enabling those doesn't do anything that I can see. From reading other threads I believe I would need to do further configuration to enable this to work with leaflet but I have no idea what I need to do. I already got the AIP files from OpenAIP but have no idea what to do with them.

Notes: I am in the US running VRS 2.4.4 on macOS if that info helps.

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Re: Enabling OpenAIP layers

Post by nitro999 »

Hi - I was struggling for time to keep my GitHub layers project up to date so have removed it for the time being. Most of the UK frequencies were out of date given the recent Military AIP changes and 8.33 spacing on the civil frequencies.

OpenAIP is built in to VRS now anyway (Menu --> MapLayers --> Open AIP) so you should be able to use that without any further config required.

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