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Disable List All

Post by crazyrider22 »

Hi all,

I've noticed decreased performance in my site with List All active, is there a way I can permanently disable this and have it as List all in view?


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Re: Disable List All

Post by agw »

There are a couple of ways. If you want to just have the setting switched on by default then configure the initial settings for the site with the switch turned on. See here for documentation on setting initial settings:

http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Doc ... l-settings

If you want to remove the user interface for the switch to that it can't be turned back on again (which is a bit unfriendly) then you need to use the custom content plugin for that.

The documentation for the custom content plugin is here:

http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Doc ... fault.aspx

and the bit you want to concentrate on is here:

http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Doc ... tings.aspx

and the setting you want to set to false via the script is VRS.globalOptions.listPluginShowHideAircraftNotOnMap
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