Waypoints and nav aid in VRS

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Re: Waypoints and nav aid in VRS

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I don't know, but I think , it will be rapidly unreadable. There is lots of navaid + waypoints.
Perhaps only at high zoom level ..
In fact, I recently change wptgen in the other way : allow to generate only navaid without waypoints for readability reasons .
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Re: Waypoints and nav aid in VRS

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Hi TLeconte

Finally i can set the waypoints in my VRS region. Thanks for your work.

I now, i have a question.. How can i set airways routes?

I think that if i draw lines between waypoints is enough?

Can you help me?

In others VRS servers pages i see that uses SkyVector Layer as map. How can i do that?
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Re: Waypoints and nav aid in VRS

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Hi TLeconte

I have followed the instructions for installing the waypoints using the example files for the waypoints but I cannot see the icons.

I am using the latest VRS software 2.4.4 and have installed my own aircraft icons.

However when I enable the waypoint files in the CustomContent my aircraft count goes to zero and nothing is displayed.

Have you any pointers to fix this and get the waypoints showing.

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