Altitude stalk and aircraft icons not visible

Is Virtual Radar Server not behaving itself? If so then please report it here.
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Altitude stalk and aircraft icons not visible

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Update June 12, 2020:
I reinstalled all software (Dump1090, Mono, Virtual Radar Server) on a second Raspberry Pi two days ago. Until now everything seems to work fine, including aircraft icons and altitude stalks. No idea what still causes the issue on the other Pi.

I recently started using the Virtual Radar Server. I installed it on a Raspberry Pi 4B with Mono. Most is working fine, including plugins. I tested the following plugins: Database Writer, Database Editor, Custom Content and Web Admin. Beautiful, well-designed piece of software!

However, for some reason I don't know, the altitude stalks and aircraft icons do not show up on the map. What does show up, are the aircraft labels and the trails. Of course, I did enable the altitude stalks in the settings. The issue seems not browser related: I tested with Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Is this a bug or are there settings that I might have overlooked?

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Re: Altitude stalk and aircraft icons not visible

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same problem here - no stalks no plane icons showing on the map itself.The short cut i.e does not work now.It returns an error saying 'Cannot start default browser'
When trying to access configuration '/home/pi/local/share/VirtualRadar' it produces agibberish/corrupted file
Typing in ( your i.p ) will launch the interface,but with the afore mentioned problems
The operating system is raspberry pi os ( buster 10 ) Everything was 100% on stretch/jessie until I upgraded to Buster 10.On trying to write a new image using stretch, mono now refuses to install with various errors.
I believe the problem lays with the new pi os its not the version of raspberry pi you have (pi2/3/4) and its not the vrs software /configuration suddenly gone faulty.The mono problem is a different issue,but likely to do with the new os
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