Severe Bug with the databse writer

Is Virtual Radar Server not behaving itself? If so then please report it here.
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Severe Bug with the databse writer

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There is a serious bug in the database writer in that it does not flush captured data to the database.

The problem only occurs if the writer does not have an "End Flight Time"

The program holds on to that data somewhere internally but does not write it to the database. It will write the data on client shutdown but why it keeps some data and not others internally I have no idea.

Taken me ages to figure this our comparing the live database with the reports on the client and eventually tried shutting down the client to see if that made any difference.

We need the data to be flushed to the database at least every 10 mins - it should be doing it automatically as it does with most flights and why there are 2 rules for writing data i dont know but i is causing some real issues.
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